maandag 26 september 2016

Inspirational Lego # 89

Another monday, and one with heavy sleep deprivation due to circumstances on my part :-)

But never the less, here I am again with the weekly selection of fantastic internet found builds.

Starting the week, we have this fantastic Faun treehouse, including the inhabitant playing for the local fauna.

Next, we have a small vignette from one of the nicest colourscheme factions of Classic Space, M-Tron.

Another little vignette, Off to the battlefield shows a knight making ready for battle.

Cosplay Rey!  This is a lovely little build with a minifigure dressed up like a speeder ;-)

Rise of the Silver Curtain is a build from Guilds of Historica, in which a village is defending itself from the armed forces bend on taking over.

A great build by AC Pin, one of my favorite builders, is this breaking up of a roman encapment.

Sharkanado is a movie so bad it becomes good in a way, and this lends itself to some fun builds like shown here.

Sheltered Cove shows the arrival of westerners in a secluded village of islanders.

From the 4th Harry Potter book, The Goblet of Fire, comes this vignette where Harry encounters a Sphinx lurking in the maze during the final trial.

And for the last build this week, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man comes swinging by.

Hope you enjoy the selection, and once again until next week!

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