maandag 19 september 2016

Inspirational Lego # 88

Let`s brighten up these mondays with another selection of builds I`ve found on the internet, all ready to drool over ;-)

Okay, so the first one might be a bit doom and gloom, as I came across this awesome haunted mansion.

Second, we have Adele, the mystic beauty.  I like how the pose is executed.

Moving on, we have ancient Egypt in map form, with important monuments added as small vignettes.

A lovely autumn treehouse.

A beautifull rendition of Gypsy Danger, including the huge tanker to smash some Kaiju around the head!

Staying in the sci-fi sphere, we get this Merkabah heavy gunship.

Part of the huge Mouse Guard display that can be found on the internet, this rabbit drawn cart is just to cute.

One of the entries of last year's "Pimp Rey's Speeder" contest, this is a great NASA styled version of the model.

There is a whole community of world war 2 enthousiasts out there, and this Panzer IV is a great build.

The hype hasn`t died out yet, and this build is a fantastic rendition of the game.

And that was the selection again, I`m thinking about doing a "special" again in the near future, but I ain`t really sure about what yet, so keep your eyes peeled and until next monday!

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