donderdag 15 september 2016

Work in Progress: moc'cing for Middle Earth 15 / 09 /16

Okay, so I was finished with builds for 2016... and swore to focus on Middle Earth only for 2017... so of course I already started building on it.

And with some, I actually began working on 4 different moc`s at the moment...

Durin's Causeway

The epic flight of steps when the fellowship flees through Moria as the drums in the deep have been awakened.  At the moment, I`ve finished one of the three stair sections.

This all began with an image for an old rpg scenery piece as a basis for the build, and I made the base first, reinforcing it with Technic bars to carry the weight.

Once this was plated up, I could begin building on the stairs.  The causeway will be light gray, the rockwork a darker shade in the end.

Shortcut to Mushrooms

A smaller build for the future, where the hobbits hide from one of the Nazgul.  Not much has been done apart from preparing the base in the same manner as above.

I also did this for two other builds I`ve started on, namely...


This will be a pure "scenery" moc for when I`m building my Middle Earth map, the bridge will be quite high at around 20 bricks.

So far, I layed down the contours of where the pillars and rocks will be, and already started a bit of layering around the mix and match of bricks to fill everything up.

Buckleberry Ferry

The final build I`ve started is the making of the ferry.  Based once again on some old wargame scenery pictures, the shore line has been drawn, and the ferry and pier have been outlined.

And that fun job of sticking all those blue and clear studs on the base for the water is done as well.

That`s it for now, with the clubday, FACTS and Brick Mania Antwerp now coming really close, I won`t be building that much the coming weeks, but they will get some serious progress once BMA has passed and Quinnsville can be torn down to recuperate the bricks and plates from there.

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