zaterdag 17 juni 2017

63rd New York Regiment (Irish Brigade)

The first of my Union corps that I`m restoring, I finished the 63rd New York, one of the regiments that make up the Irish Brigade.

I elected them to become the "skirmish" part of the II Corps, 2nd Brigade, for not really any particular reason, the Flags of War banner sheet was just the first I came across of my pile of Union flags.

The models, numbering 38 in total, are Perry Miniatures, and the Union infantry in sack coats skirmishing set to be precise. 

Painting on and off, it took me about two weeks to complete them as time isn`t really that much of a friend of mine these past weeks, but it does give a nice bump to the totals tally in one go now. 

The next one of the brigade will be the "Fighting 69", but first I got a deadline to meet for a fantasy megabattle in august...

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