zondag 18 juni 2017

About Biting Off and Chewing

Fact 1: When I got back into wargaming now about two months ago, I decided to take it slow, no pressure, no deadlines.

Fact 2: Restoring my Warhammer forces would be a small thing on the side, focussing on my historical forces first.

Fact 3: The 20th of August the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp host a mega battle for Age of Sigmar, following up on their big 40k game from last month.

Conclusion: I`m going to play in it, making Facts 1 and 2 completely obsolete now...

It is just stronger then myself, I love doing those big battles and as such this will also be not only my first game in the new edition of Warhammer, but my first game with self painted figures "per se".  Except of course that means I have to get a force ready by then.

The rules for the game limit players to 4000 points maximum, in order to ensure more players with smaller armies can join in and be more then a speedbump on the table when facing gargantuan armies.  I enlisted with a 1000 points "Grand Alliance Order", because if I dump together all my models, I *might* be able to get them done by then. 

Well, I am planning on including a force I bought just this week on Kickstarter as well, the Alpine Gnomes force as usual Empire halberds and spearmen (he, it's like having Halflings after all), which are estimated to be delivered half of july... so knowing my luck, that will mean I better start touching up and restoring more of my existing models.

Sure, non painted is allowed in these things... but I ain`t going there, my force will be completely painted... which at the moment means a full 5 models done for a value of 200 points out of the 1000 needed.

I hope to get some Teutogen (they count as Empire greatswords in the pdf's) done this week, and then it`ll be on to statetroops.  While perhaps not the most tactical sound force to build, I`m aiming to get about 6 - 7 units of 10 troops done by the big battle, and a character (I`ll call him the garrison chief) painted up. 

So yup, I have my work cut out for the coming weeks, but in the worst case I`ll have to pressgang some historicals as handgunners ;-)

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