donderdag 15 juni 2017

Independence Day: Resurgence

After 20 years they have finally made a sequel to the highly amazing 1996 invasion film, and with great anticipation I sat down to watch it at last.

After 20 years I have a sour taste in my mouth and I pray the Earth will be blown up by aliens before a third movie happens...

Set indeed 20 years after the original, and no Will Smith in this one, Earth has evolved far beyond our actual current day technology level, due to reverse engineering the alien tech from the first invasion.  We have orbital defence grids, a base on the moon, high tech spacefighters... the whole deal.

Even world peace, though this apparently is managed by a collection of idiots, because when an unknown spaceprobe arrives, they just decide to shoot it.  Turns out this was a probe send to save as much of humanity as possible before the aliens from the first movie return in a vessel about a 5th the size of the earth, and it lands to drill and suck dry our planet's core.  Yeah, woohoo... it ain`t even an invasion anymore.

Heroes new and old rise to the challenge and we say farewell to quit a few of the remaining leads and support characters from the first movie, as of course we aren`t prepared at all after 20 years for their return.  What follows is a (granted, gorgeous on the eye) hectic fighter battle, and suddenly the Harvester Queen is at Area-51 and we defeat her.  What just goes to say what a quick and messy "invasion" it actually was, and the movie never comes close to the "impending doom" and the desperation of the first one.

Ow, and it ends with the promise they are now going in space and "kick some serious alien ass"... I surely hope not for one...

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