donderdag 1 juni 2017


Hailing from 2010, this film details the adventures of Quintus Dias (Fassbender) and the fate of the 9th Legion.

Now, the film didn`t do to well at the box office, even though it received mixed positive critics, and actually it ain`t bad at all.

The story is basically how the 9th Legion was betrayed by their Pictish tracker (take a french / ukrainian actress for the role, then make her a mute to avoid her accent) and annihilated.  The few survivors try to stage a rescue attempt for the general, but fail in the endeavour.
However, in the process one of them murders the son of the Pictish king, and as such a cat and mouse chase begins between the survivors and a band of hunters, one by one getting picked off.

Which results in an "epic" siege battle between 3 romans and 5 picts in an abandoned fort...

It is revealed that the Roman dignitaries want to make a cover up of the fate of the 9th legion to avoid looking weak, and try to execute Dias, the last survivor.  He escapes however and settles down with a lady they met earlier on in their flight.

It`s an enjoyable movie, and with the talented cast it`s a bit of a shame not much more was thought through when making this film, but it`s still worth a watch for sure.

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