zaterdag 3 juni 2017

De Quaeye Werelt anno 1477 - 2017 visit

Like every year, my hometown hosts a large 1442 reenactment spectacle, showing the life of those days, but also a large battle, some merchandising of course, and more of those things.

Standing in the field around the Sterckxshof castle, this is a great looking spectacle, and really worth a visit!

And of I went with Chu and the Smurf to pay it the annual visit and stroll around in the medieval times for a couple of hours.  The whole encampment is divided over 3 fields and the surrounding forest roads.

The stew is almost ready
I LOVE the craftwork on this table

Children could participate in some old style weaving
Like every year, there was a large battle as well, and here we have some of the reanctors returning from the field of glory

Of course, there was the necessary snackings

And there was a nice selection of merchandise you could buy

Chu really wanted one of those black sheepskins for the upcoming birthday party theme

So I found myself hauling around with TWO sheepskin shortly after... in GREY...

It was another nice afternoon stroll, and if you are in the area, be sure to pass by!

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