vrijdag 30 juni 2017

What I painted in June 2017

Well, two regiments to be precise, tallying for 48 miniatures.

Not bad at all for a month devastated by a heat wave, making painting not that enjoyable...

The first unit that was completed is a 38 strong ACW regiment of Perry Plastics, the 63th New York, which I`ll be fielding in skirmish formation.  Flags of War provided the flags for the regiment.

The second unit is this 10 strong Teutogen Guard (who count just as Greatswords in the new Age of Sigmar rules).  Initially, I would be doing fantasy on and off, but I enrolled for the TSA`s big fantasy battle on the 20th of august... and at that moment I only had 200 points of Daughters of Khaine painted.

So now I`m pulling open the registers to get more troops for that event ready, as I need to get to 1.000 points that I pledged to enter. 

Time to work on those state troops it seems...

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