dinsdag 20 juni 2017

Chosen Men - Mark Latham

Part of the Osprey line of wargame rules, Chosen Men is meant for skirmish battles in the Napoleonic age.

And these rules aren`t to difficult at all!

The base system is the use of action points, the TAC, of which every figure in your band has 2.  Now, bands are aimed at around 450 points, though for introductionary play they advise the use of 150 points, usually buying you an officer and 2 units of 5 figures.

With these TAC, the figures can undertake actions like moving, or firing (not twice mind you), as well as some more specialised actions.  The to hit table and all follow a rather logical system with the regular wargame modifiers like being in cover etc. 

The game contains some variety in weapons, and even some smaller cannon, to field, and you have the choice of three major nations: France, Great Britain and Prussia.  Add to this the "allies" lists (Portugal, Spain, Brunswick,...) which can either be allied or listed on their own, and you have some nice starting choice of forces.  Mind you, they are centered around the Peninsular and the Waterloo campaigns.

A nice little ruleset, and one I might try out in the coming year.

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