woensdag 21 juni 2017

I blame the Nemesis! The Emperor's Children return...

I wouldn`t start playing Warhammer 40k again.  I never liked the game as much as "regular" Warhammer.

Same for 6mm sci-fi, aka Future War Commander, and as such when I "got out" years ago, I sold both those ranges from my collection.

In all those years, Nemesis continued playing FWC though (my scenery was still at the club it seems, even I had forgotten mostly about that over the years), and I planned on facing him with my AWI british one day (basically, I`d use a Guard list with only infantry, cavalry and cannons).

Then I found a few ziplocks of figures, not enough for a full chaos list of 1000 points, so I`d put them aside again.

However, the new edition of 40k is upon us, and Nemesis has decided it`s the right time to hop back in.  I`m not going to miss this train, to prevent the steep learning curve perhaps afterwards. You can get the core rules for free from the GW site, but unlike the warscrolls for Warhammer, the datafiles are bundled in compendiums. 

I doubted for a long time (like, half a week) to either restart my Dark Angels, or my Emperor's Children, but in the end I decided on my Slaaneshi legion again, you know, RL intrests and such ;-) .

The plan for "the first thousand" will be a mainly infantry force, in which I`ll be painting all the regular non Noise Marines in the purple and gold livery pre-Heresy, as I always loved the look of those.  The specialist troops on the other hand will get the pink and black colourscheme.

Now, I must say that flicking through the rulebook, the points system isn`t really that handy imho to quickly gather a warhost, so I guess I`ll aim at the far quicker (and yeah, like points, it can be abused, but then you just quit playing those abusers) Power Level games.  I already saw I can combine Marines with (summoned) deamons like in the last edition I played the pinky marines (aka, third edition, yeah it has been THAT long for me) so I can once again match guitar guns to naked chicks...

Heck, that sounds like your average Rammstein gig...

Of course, this also means I WILL do something with those 6mm figures then after all, as I`ll be trying to expand them into a small 1000 points force, and see if I can find a FWC rulebook left or right (I have lead currently ;-) ).

So yes, it wasn`t my fault, Nemesis made me!

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