woensdag 21 juni 2017


The latest in the X-franchise, and the closer of the Wolverine series, Logan puts us forward to 2029, and it isn`t Wolverine playing the lead, it's Old Man Logan.

The future has changed, as there are no Sentinels around, so that movie was a plot success... but also barely any mutants.

Logan is a low by the ground, sick and dying limousine driver.  He also cares, together with Caliban, with a Charles Xavier who has mental problems, and suffers seisures that attack all of those around him mentally.  Logan is basically working to give Charles a burial at sea...

But then he is approached by a mexican lady, who brings with her Laura, a teenage girl cloned from the DNA of Wolverine.  As there have been no new mutant births over the last decade, this girl, who was genetically created, and her friends might prove the only future mutantkind has.

The story is a good roadmovie style as Logan and his group are trying to escape the creators of Laura, hellbent on recovering all the escaped mutant children.  Even the inclusion of an adult, Logan look-alike assassin (who means the end of Professor X), forces Logan to overcome his growing limits one last time, as he is slowly dying from adamantium poisoning, making his healing factor fail.

An enjoyable movie, if not to say actually a rather good one, that puts a nice closer on Jackman`s portrayal of the Wolverine.

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