maandag 12 juni 2017

Build Report: 75090 Ezra's Speeder Bike

Okay, a few years ago, I actually went to Canterbury to find this set in a supermarket overthere, because for some reason I couldn`t find it overhere.

And actually, I only wanted it for the Sabine minifigure, as Star Wars isn`t really my thing...

But with every set I get / receive / salvage, I always build it at least once before I parted it into my boxes for moc`cing, back in those days...

Opening the box, we get two bags of parts, a sticker sheet and the instructions leaflet.

The first figure we get is Ezra, complete with his goofy looking lightsaber blaster thingy he wielded in Rebels.

Starting from a black "step" piece, we first will be making his green speeder bike, one of two nearly identical builds in the box.

The sides are widened in order to get the bike's engine exits and footholders.

The main bodywork is bulked out, while we raise the front side to allow for the "prongs" of the machine.

The backside is then closed up to give it a sleek backside.

The fork at the front is then assembled and attached to the model.

Next we have the nose section, based around green curved slopes.

It gets the small wing flaps to help in the steering of the machine.

Studshooters are attached to the bottom, together with transclear horseshoe elements that serve as resting points for the model when placed on the table.

A printed round dish is then attached at the front, completing the lovely looking speederbike.

Next we get the two other figures of the set, being a Stormtrooper that pilots the imperial speeder bike, and of course the lovely Sabine minifigure with her awesome hairpiece.

The build for this bike is nearly identical as the one above, so I`ll just show the steps here.  The main difference, apart from the colour, is a small bit of detailing at the end of the build, to represent the "lack of" customising by Ezra.

The set has quite some extra pieces:

And the full set completed:

That is it for a nice, if admitted a bit boring for the second bike as you already "build" one of them first, set for your collection.

And of course, Sabine, hmmmmmmm.... 

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