zaterdag 10 juni 2017

Haul Report 85

A day earlier, as I`ll be out tomorrow very early morning, only to return late in the evening and probably totally knackered...

Oh well, the joy`s of the summer season upon us let`s say ;-)

The biggest purchase I did this week is a 6th vaper thingy.  While I don`t have any intention to quit smoking, but just reducing the amount of packs I soldier in a week, it was rather handy to finally get a small and robust one that fits in my pocket.  To many times, I "cracked" one resulting in all the liquid pouring out into my pants pocket otherwise.

Bit ironical though that none of my family have noticed I haven`t actually touched a cigarette for the past 5 days... and the GF only because I actually told her after 3 days... so yeah, I`m that impressive a chimney.

The parcel I have been waiting for also fell in my mailbox, with the flags by Flags of war for restoring my Irish Brigade.  They do only 4 of the 5 regiments though, 116th Pennsylvania is often not found for some reason in most manufacturers catalogues.

In the battle against "razor rash", I finally got my hands on a fresh pot of BlueBeards revenge.  I used to get that from my barber, but they don`t longer carry the brand, so I managed to get it directly from the manufacturer instead.

Talking the barber, they did give me a sample of another brand they carry now, and asked if I would test it "down south" and tell them the comparisons with my BBR experience.

The final thing that arrived was my blister of slottabases from Wayland Games.  I had ordered them a while ago but they where on back order, and of course in all irony, the day AFTER I found my old ones again (I thought I had them, I coulnd`t find them after weeks, then of course they show up in a closet I had rummaged through a dozen times).

Oh well, like a 2x4 brick for a Lego builder, you never can have enough bases in wargaming...

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