zondag 18 juni 2017

Swords of the Empire - various authors

This novel, hailing from the Warhammer line, is a collection of short stories set in / about the lands of The Empire.

Containing 6 stories in total, each one numbers between 40 - 60 pages long, and varies a lot in theme and antagonists.

The first one, The Vampire Hunters by Robert Earl, takes us along with an elder Kislevite as he joins two hunters in a quest to defeat a Strigoi vampire.

In Meat Wagon by CL Werner, a carriage is diverted to an abandoned, ghoul infested village in Sylvania, but unfortunatly for the inhabitants one of the passengers is a Witch Hunter.

The Case of the Scarlet Cell by Gordon Rennie is a Sherlock Holmes style adventure, where a Slaanesh cult is discovered while hunting a follower of the Blood God.

In Rest for the Wicked, we follow two Altdorf guardsmen in this tale by James Wallis as they must prevent an assassination attempt on the Elector Count of Middenland.

Jonathan Green's The Nagenhof Bell makes a band of mercenaries face off against a Skaven invasion in a small town, eager to reclaim the bell of the church of Morr.

The final story, Sword of the Empire by Dan Abnett, is also a prelude to the upcoming Storm of Chaos, and follows the journey of a Knight of the Reik into the frozen and savage lands of Kislev.

A really nice collection of stories, this book was a pleasure to read, and recommended for those loving a few human vs big bad evil thing stories.

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