zaterdag 3 juni 2017

The Burning Land - Bernard Cornwell

The fifth book in the history of (fictional) Uther of Bebbanburg, published in 2009, is part of the Making of England series.

I just advise NOT to read the part about the Making series at the end, because it tells how the story ends after the series...

In this fifth book, Uther retells the story of how he defeated a viking warlord called Harald, and then fell enchanted by his sorceress Skade.  In his ever driving force to retake his ancestral fortress of Bebbanburg, he listens to Skade and leaves the care of Alfred of Wessex to sail for the Frisian islands. 
Here he raids the stronghold of her ex-husband, in order to get silver and raise an army, but this turns out far less then he expected.  He then hooks up with his youth friend Ragnar, and together they plan an invasion of Wessex.
However, Alfred lures Uthred back in his service by way of his daughter, and now he faces the same invaders he planned the actual invasion with...

It`s a lovely book which details events in a way you can see it played out in your minds eye.  Of course, the The Last Kingdom series, based on these novels, helps visualising the antagonists. 

This book takes place right after the second series of that, as they both bundled the stories of respectively novels 1 and 2, and then 3 and 4, into their storylines.

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