zaterdag 17 juni 2017

TSA Clubnight 16th of June 2017

It's been more then a month, and it'll be another month before I get back there, but yesterday the calendar allowed me an evening to spend on the sacred ground.

I didn`t went to play a game myself, that will be for the 14th of july when I jump in in a game of fantasy Zombicide, but there where once more some nice things being played.

Reynolds and Jackson faced off again in the 7 Days campaign.

There was a fantasy battle raging between woodland spirits and lizardmen.  In august there is a big battle taking place, but that is something I`ll be elaborating on tomorrow.


And some more activities of the evening, ranging from boardgames to modern naval battling.

This game was the one I've been following mainly, in order to have at least an idea what I`ll be doing / need to do when I join in next month.

And so a nice (and very needed and very welcome) evening of relaxation amidst "my kind" was closed off.

Oh, and Patrick of Pat's Celtic Cross had brought some goodies for me to take along...

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