maandag 5 juni 2017

Turn: Washington's Spies season 2

The second season of the AMC historical drama series, set against the background of the American War of Independance.

Telling the tale of how a group of friends became involved in an espionage ring, and how they reshape the working of intelligence for the Continental Army, this season is based around two central storylines.

One the one hand there is the main story of how Abraham and major Hewlett are both captured by the respective enemies, and the struggles their allies go about to free them from their predicament.
The second main storyline is how Washington himself runs his army, fighting his inner demons while handling an inside plot to assassinate him.

Surrounding these events, which takes the story as such farther away from Setauket itself, are the efforts of mayor Andre to enlist more continental generals to his spy-ring, and the return of captain Simcoe who replaced Rogers as head of the Queen's Rangers.  This doesn`t go down well at all with the latter, making him a wild card in the deck of intrigues.

A really good season, and stronger then the first, this was a joy to watch.  Now I`m going to bench season 3 as well, in order to be prepared when season 4 arrives this summer.

And enjoy this bloke a bit more...

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