donderdag 22 juni 2017

Warhammer Teutogen Guard

As I prepare for the big battle for Age of Sigmar in august, I need to (kuch, urgently) restore some units to battleworthy status for my 1000 pts Order force I pledged.

So today I finished the second battleworthy regiment, in the form of the Teutogen Guard.

This elite unit counts in the new rules as a Greatsword unit, and this bunch of 10 counts for 160 points on the warscroll. 

Now, the models have two dominating features to paint, being on the one hand their metal, full plate armour, and on the other the white wolfpelts typical to the Knights of the White Wolf knightly order.

Now onwards to the next regiment for the force, which will be a state troops unit of 10.

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