woensdag 7 juni 2017

Honours of War - Wargame Rules for the Seven Years War

The 11th volume in the Osprey wargame rules series, Honours of War takes us, as the title says, to the SYW... and only that specific one.

It doesn`t include options for the "about that war" periods like the French Indian or the American Indepandence wars, as it states specifically at the beginning of the book.

Now, let me confess, I did a boo-boo when I bought this one.  I just blatantly assumed all those blue cover books where skirmish games using the general Frostgrave engine.  Instead, this is a full fledged brigade level game set, with every brigade made up of 2 - 5 regiments of about 20 figures each.

One thing that caught my eye, was that all distances where set up in centimeters, and at the end there is an appendice section, including the "convergence" to smaller scale models.  The book is illustrated both with the high level art we get to know from Osprey books, as well as pictures of painted figures.

Army lists included are the main protagonists of the SYW in Europe, and the rules don`t look to hard to learn out of the head.  I estimate a "2 brigades each" game can be played in the timespan of a regular gaming night after reading through the book.

Add that to the fact it came from an Amazon seller, BooksUK, that sold most of the Osprey rulebooks at -55% versus the RRP, and even though it probably "won`t happen" soon that these rules would get played, they are a nice addition to my library.

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