zondag 25 juni 2017

The Haul Report 87: the Steam sales are here

It`s that time of the year again, when Steam does it large sale weeks, running from the 22nd until the 5th of july.

So I jumped on it, and purchased myself a 20 euro charge card, so that I could go crazy on the items on my wishlist and purchase a heap of older games for next to nothing.

The "big one" was the Total War: Warhammer game at -66%, even though I still have to find the exact configuration of my grpahic card and more importantly DivX to get it to play beautifully, but it works and the Empire can begin it's virtual expansion.

I also grabbed all the free expansions for it in one go, Bretonnia, the Grey and Jade wizards, Isabella Von Carstein, Wurrzag and the White Dwarf himself.

The next game I picked was Civil War: 1865, at 50%.

Hidden Mysteries: Civil War was picked up as I had a few euros left, and it was -80%.

Imperial Glory is offered at -85% at the moment.

Ironclads and Ironclads 2 both deal with the naval aspect of the ACW, and came respectively at -90% and - 75%.

Praetorians, which was also -85%

Two more titels from the Total War series, Medieval and Napoleon, at -75% and -70% rounded out the Steam purchases for this year, and giving me a lot of gaming to go the coming months.

Now, this wasn`t all I got this week, with some other nice things added to the collection.  The first was wednesday, as I picked up the Chaos Index for the new 40k.  See my Emperor's Children post from a few days ago as to why I decided in the end to begin playing this game again.

Together with a paintpot of Ulthuan Grey, to serve as the basecoat for my white parts on the figures.

This was something I`d forgotten about, my Hexibricks stands from BrickForge arrived, a Kickstarter I backed well over a year ago.  Oh well, I`ll see what I`ll do with those now...

Saturday I returned to the GW store, to get a birthday gift for Nemesis, and I picked up some more State Troops and a pot of Leadbelcher for myself.

The final haul came from Nemesis himself yesterday at his bday drink.  A wooden "hold" to which I`ll be nailing a small plate again to better hold figures for painting, and some metal plates to 'magnetise' bases of certain topheavy figures.  he also had brought along three pots of black from Vallejo, as there was a paints sale at TSA friday (but I couldn`t attend), and as I undercoat manually, these tend to go swiftly.

A pretty big and impressive list for sure this week, and see you all next week!

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