zaterdag 17 juni 2017

Gods of Egypt

Announced as a big budget movie that will bring epicness to the Egyptian pantheon, Gods of Egypt from 2016... doesn`t deliver at all.

Of course, the fact it was out of the cinema's here within 3 weeks and the dvd's can be found in the bargain bins is a decent indicator, but I found gems in there before.

But not this one, even though it has a more then average cast...

In ancient times, the earth was flat and the gods lived amongst humans.  Set invades a ceremony and overthrows the ruling gods, blinding Horus in the process.  A human thief, Bek, steals back one of Horus's eyes and as a result his beloved dies.
He now seeks help with Horus to overthrow Set and bring back Zarya before she passes the 9th gate leading to the afterworld, when she would be beyond all hope of bringing her back from the dead.

The reason Set is trying to defeat other gods and become the most powerfull of all is that he doesn`t want to follow in Ra's footsteps, as protector of creation and living in, well, basically a spacestation above Earth...  yeah, you read that right.  This results in him setting loose the demon Apophis however.  Horus has to face of and defeat Set, in order to restore ra to contain Apophis... or something like that.

Basically, this was a BAD movie.  The special effects are so-so, the story is just bleugh and the acting is to stiff at times, so nope, this wasn`t a bargain bin gem.

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