zaterdag 24 juni 2017

White Dwarf May 2017

A month late, as I only recently snatched up my copy from the local GW store, but nevertheless one heck of an issue.

Of course, the central theme in this issue is the fact that the White Dwarf turns 40, and this is shown by a band containing all issues produced at the bottom of the pages.

It was kind of nostalgic to see those old issues from my youth again, and fondly remembering some of them...

Of course, that isn`t everything in the magazine, as it has a lot of nice content outside regular features like Blanchitsu of Planet Warhammer.  Like the second episode of the new series of Tales of Four Warlords, in which the participants grow their 40k forces some more.

It also features new rules, for Blood Bowl this time, as on how to include the White Dwarf and his nemesis the Black Gobbo on the pitch, and for how to fight on top of a Mumak in Lord of the Rings.

There is a large interview with John Blanche, as well as history strolls through the 40 years of the magazine.  Also included is a huge battle report (well, three battles actually) for Age of Sigmar, with Grombrindal himself taking center stage.

Now, and article I found very intresting was the one by Jervis Johnson on how to be a gamesmaster in Warhammer Quest (or other games of course), and what to do to prepare for the "role".

A fine issue indeed, and onwards to the next 40!

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