donderdag 29 juni 2017

A Wargamer's Nostalgia

While most people associate my Warhammer days as that "fanatic Chaos Dwarf" player, or the occasional Wood Elf bowline... those weren`t my first loves at all actually.

Back when I started, it was 1994 I believe, as 4th edition had just been released (the box with the plastic elves and goblins), my army of choice was something completely different.

It was none other then the The Empire, because they had a tank!  Well, amongst others, the figure that really drew me to them was Karl Franz on his griffon Deathclaw.

He was my first purchase ever for Warhammer, together with a box of White Wolves, an Amethyst wizard (still LOVE that model), some plastic halbers and a mortar.

Oh, and of course the army book.  Now, recently I came across that book on eBay for a single pound, and I picked it up without second thought.  Pure out of nostalgia reasons, as you can`t use it anymore in current incarnations (wether it being 9th Age or Age of Sigmar), and yes, you can find those colour plates for the state troops all over the internet.

But just the sheer smile of looking at those old rules, at how some things are no longer "around" (the War Wagon and the Hot Pot come to mind) and how the fluff "began" for this army back then makes you feel old... in a happy way.

With my return recently to the GW hobby and the Army of Order I`m putting together, I`m actually thinking of re-including those old units into my force.  I still have most of the figures (only the wizard and the mortar seem to have gone) and those few I lack, or with whom I want to expand my forces, will be looked after on second hand markets then.

I know some eBay channels ask ridicilous prices for the Oldhammer figures, but on the other hand some are real bargains (I`m for example awaiting the delivery of 20 bases of old epic Slaanesh steeds, which I paid including shipping5 pounds instead of the ofter 30+ you see them lised for).

I`m also compiling a list for myself of stuff I`m going to look over the coming months for projects "in the pipeline", like some more old metal Witch Elves, preferably the big hair ones of the 90s (need to get about 11 of them still), the said Mortar and Amethyst wizard, a squad of the old, first incarnation Noise Marines, and the epic Fulgrim primarch for example...

Fun nostalgic times ahead for an old geezer!

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