woensdag 14 juni 2017

Power Rangers

And so 2017 saw a reboot movie in the theatre's of a true mastodont franchise of my youth: the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

I finally saw this nostalgia filled movie yesterday, and I loved it!

Not for the deepness of the story, or the new look of Rita Repulsa or the Rangers themselves, but well, it is just one of those enjoyable kidflicks that hits all the right tunes in an old geezer's mind, including the old theme when they go to battle in the Zords, or the Tommy Oliver reference in the midcredits scene.

It begins with an alien red and yellow ranger being betrayed by the green ranger 65 million years ago.  This green ranger, being Rita Repulsa, wants more and more power and needs the Earth's crystal to obtain this, but Zordon manages to prevent this at the ultimate price.

In the current day, some most unlikely kids hook up in an old mine, their only common point being all in detention for a variety of reasons.  They find mysterious coins and learn they suddenly have super powers.  When trying to figure this out they find the Ranger base, and (an excellent) Alpha-5 and Zordon teach them of their destiny and how they must save the Earth by stopping Repulsa.

The story itself is mostly an origin story, so it takes about 1.5 hours before they actually manage to morph into their Ranger armours, and it requires sacrifice of the highest level. 

The film is enjoyable, and I adored the "musical" part of the soundtrack.  Those haunting synthesizer tracks are pretty cool.  The series has "matured" in that way that they aren`t 5 perfect teenagers anymore, but handle some serious issues as well in their background and motivation.

Yes, I liked this movie, and yes, I`m not adverse to a sequel or even a full franchise again.  The movie might not be the high visual spectacles of the MCU or have the "kitch" value of the old series, but it is just what a movie needs to be at times...

Sheer entertainment

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