zondag 4 juni 2017

Haul Report 84

Hello everyone to another overview of stuff I`ve added to my piles this week.

Again a bit of a mixed boat, as it includes second hand finds, new stuff and even a price I`ve won...

The first thing I`ve obtained was when i made a trip to the local used bookstore.  Here I found two nice books, the main one of course being a book on the Army of Northern Virginia.  Added to that, I also grabbed a novel in The Tide of War, about the war in the Carribean.

I picked up the Miniature Wargames issue I did a small overview on earlier this week as well.

The next thing I bought was a card to load up my Steam account, as the Osprey game Battleplan: The American Civil War was at a -75% discount.  The Pirate: Carribean Hunt was a free game, so I installed that as well.

Perhaps the most awaited parcel fell in the mailbox as well earlier this week, an order from Renedra for plastic bases, so I can continue restoring my old forces.

Free stuff is cool, and through BrickGeekz on Facebook I won a pile of the UK trading cards for Lego, not available overhere. 

On Amazon I found some Osprey rulebooks cheaply, and I`m currently "in talks" with my Nemesis (as in, I dropped the subject and we need to look at it) to perhaps starting some historical skirmishing in the club, in all probability the Napoleonics setting.

And that is it once more for this week, a lot of reading stuff to add but some nice other additions as well.  See you all laters!

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