donderdag 8 juni 2017

Napoleonic Uniform Templates - Reference for Wargamers, Modellers, Collectors

A very "happy to find back" moment today, as digging through my old wargame stuff, I unearthed this little beauty:

I actually have no idea anymore WHERE I got it like a decennia ago, but it`s more then welcome.

This disc contains literally map after map of uniforms from the Napoleonic era, in the template style you can search after on the internet.

While most "known" forces are easy to find, some of the more obscure uniforms might require some decent "google-fu", and on this disc most of them are nicely gathered together.  I just need to copy them to the hard drive and select the ones I`ll be needing in future endeavours. 

But more on that in due time...

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