dinsdag 6 februari 2018

After War Gundam X

As I write this, I bow my head and say mea culpa...

You see, I kept saying I saw everything there is on Gundam, being series, ova, webseries, the lot...

... and then I was looking through my GunPla models for my "Gundam project" in 40k... and couldn`t with the best of my mental abilities place one of the suits in a series (the Leopard btw).  A quick research learned that... I missed out on this series from 1996, only having seen the follow up OVA and thought that was all there was on the Gundam X and Garrod Ran.

Set in an alternate timeline, though one that has a lot in common with the Universal one, the Earth Federation had lost the war against the colonies, and the colonies have been dropped on the planet, ruining it.  Garrod is a looter, and like many humans a survivor, who lives 15 years after these events.  When he is hired to retrieve a girl, Tifa Adill, he discover the mobile suit called Gundam GX-9900, of Gundam X for short due to the panels on it's back.

When the moon is out, a superheavy weapon, the Satellite Canon, can be fired by a beam transmitted from an empty base on the moon.  The suit was originally piloted by Jamil Neate during the war, and was back then a mass produced MS.  However, due to the cataclysm, this relic is now one of the strongest, and unique, weapons around.  Later in the series, the Double X would be introduced, not an upgrade but a suit developped by the enemy (and stolen by Garrod) to counted the X.

Jamil and his Vultures recruit Garrod in an effort to protect the few surviving Newtypes on Earth, and prevent them being exploited.  However, as the world slowly rebuilds, so does corruption and lust for power once again, and soon the Vultures are beset from all sides in an effort to prevent a cataclysmic war from happening all over again...

This was actually a decent series, with the usual mixture of turncoats and politics.  The fact it`s set in a rather post-apocalyptic world adds a nice twist to the franchise, where usually big factories are aplenty and forces in abundance.

And now my shame has been erased and after three days of benching I can once again say I saw it all!

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