zondag 4 februari 2018

Hostage Raid, a Dux Britanniarum campaign report

The final struggle for this month for surviving in the campaign, and hopefully it would go as well as the previous two...

And in order to do that, I needed to face off Joeri, who raided my lands and tried to take one of my Nobles hostage.  To add to my problems, most of his army (6 out of 8 units) would appear right next to my noble, accompanied by his bodyguard warrior units.

So this would mean I should try and goad his army while the rest of my force races from their encampment to free him... let the battle begin.

My noble, appearing at the far side, immediatly formed his 8 warrior unit and his 6 warrior unit in a Shieldwall, which would then slowly back away a few inches at a time.

My Lord at the meantime, joined by the second Noble to grant him some protection from being taken, rushed with the cavalry and the missile troops to relieve his subordinate.

The enemy army started appearing, joined by two units of Raiders whom both showed up for the battle, to add insult to injury, so that is a true mass facing my force.

My small cavalry unit is the first to reach the clearing though, and threaten the back of his far larger force of riders.

As his warrior and levy shieldwall charges my cavalry, they evade, and instead my lord with his elites and warrior troops bash in.  Unfortunatly, mine aren`t in Shieldwall and are thrown back a few inches.

On the other side, his cavalry is charged by my noble and his wall, in order to prevent him from doubling his attack dice.  This battle goes amazingly well, as his entire unit of warriors is wiped out and the elites are thrown back.

His noble and raider allies then throw themselves on my battered shieldwall... and then they are soundly trashed, one unit of Raiders wiped out, the other fleeing, and his noble seemed to be captured before making good his escape with his Athlete skill.  Seems the wrong side's noble was about to be grabbed...

On the otherside, both Shieldwalls are facing off, with his cavalry now behind them and making ready to support his infantry.  Luck activated my Lord first however, and my wall crashes into his.

Soundly beating his force, the levy leg it, while his warriors fall back through his horses and causing a great amount of shock on them as a result.  This makes them unable to charge and Joeri offers his surrender before he would loose more of his force.

Being the benevolent warlord that I am *cough* I accepted this, nailing the battle with a +3 win modifier, and having survived the campaign round with 3 wins out of 3 battles... and now comes the big joke.

While being as good as out of the campaign after the first round disaster, I now find myself ranked on the second place of the campaign ladder with a prestige of 8, only one point behind the current leader.  Clustfeinad isn`t just out for the count yet it seems!


Noshi came asking if I would join in a fun little boardgame afterwards, where you have to take out the ducks of your opponent.  I was the first to fall... because Noshi had been saving a Quick Draw card "just for me" when my last duck would be on the board...

Oh how did she laugh...

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