donderdag 15 februari 2018

Gotham by Gaslight

The most recent Batman story from the DC animated universe, Gotham by Gaslight takes us back to the beginning of the 1900s.

Now, this is a pretty fun given, putting familiar characters in an all different setting.

When a lady of the night, Poison Ivy, is yet another victim to a murderer nicknamed Jack the Ripper, Bruce Wayne / Batman sets out to investigate this.  In a society where the poor are supressed and women are looked at as inferior, he has to rely on the singer Selina Kyle to figure out the mystery... especially when he is framed himself for the murder of an old lady, a witness at one of the attacks by the Ripper.

This was a rather nice movie due to the change of setting and the dark mystery surrounding the villain. And what a reveal it was indead when the reasons, and the person, behind the killer is found...

Another lovely movie from the DCA stable, who is putting out far greater work then their cinema counterparts.

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