maandag 5 februari 2018

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge goal completed

Well, I guess I`ve done it and achieved the first goal of 2018...

With the past weekends Noise Marines entry in the AHPC8 bonus Music round, I broke through the 750 goal I set myself and completed that goal for the year.

The entry took me to a lovely 797 points, so from now on everything I will be painting is "extra" on top of what I finished, starting with uploading more troops tomorrow.  maybe for myself I will raise the bar a little and aim for the 1000 points instead, a goal that is feasible.

In this little video, you can see all the models I painted up so far for the challenge, and which will give me after the 20th of march a whole lot to redistribute and add to my excisting forces, but for now I`m keeping them all nicely together to have an easier oversight of completed figures.

The future will be a lot less pressurised to reach goals, though I will try to enter something at least every week, and complete all the bonus rounds.  But what exactly that I will be painting first is now all a bit up in the air, as I tried to make "solid" posts in one theme so far, and now that might change in a few more "a bit of everything" sorts of posts.

Though I will end as I started, with some more 6mm epic figures.  That is the one thing I did decide for myself at the moment I jumped in this adventure :-)

But now, back to the brushes...

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