donderdag 1 februari 2018

Protectors of the Pretzel

After painting up the Alpine Gnomes crossbows and mage earlier in this challenge, I managed to complete my full Kickstarter bundle, adding to the ranks.

Now, the models aren`t perfect, like the elongated arm here and there to accomodate their weapons, but as they paint up very well this tends to "blend in".  

However, the Halberdiers are another matter, standing a full head taller then the rest of the models in the deal... so I better put them far apart on the battlefield (think of the difference between a 28m  and a 32mm heroic to get an idea).

The set consists of two combat regiments, in the form of 15 spearmen and 10 halberdiers.

Accompanying them are three heroes, of which the female hero is a truly magnificent model in my opinion.  The others are a loose champion and the battle standard bearer.

Also in this set are civilians and a casualty, stretch goals from the campaign.  I especially like the partying gnomes, with the one being held off by the not so impressed lady.

Though perhaps the hardest part was drawing and painting some banners to go in the force...

As with the rest of my Empire army, the models have been based in the Plane of Fire style, making them run around on the lavaplains of Aqshy.

This was a fun Kickstarter from OS Models as such, and adds a nice little (pun intended) variety to my forces...

All in all, this is 38 infantry models, at 5 points each as they are 28mm scale, this makes a nice 190 points extra and putting me really close to reaching the 750 goal I had set myself for this painting challenge, huzzah!  And the judges awarded a sweet 2 extra points for the banners as well, nettoing 192 points and pushing me to 732 in total now... with the bonus entry this weekend that will net 65 points, the objective has been reached!

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