zaterdag 17 februari 2018

TSA Clubevening 16th of february 2018

Yesterday, I wasn`t playing any games at the club myself, so that meant I went to have a look around and bring another oversight of the games being played...

While it was busy this week, there weren`t actually that many games being played, as a lot of people where out for the school holidays this week, combined with a strike in the public transportation network...

The eye catcher for me this evening was Patrick and Vincent presenting the Test of Honour game.  I love Patrick's scenery, and the models where painted rather nicely, a real looker for me.

On the boardgame front, Hold the Line was being played at two different tables tonight.  Nations was also being played later on, but I forgot to take a picture, sorry Arno.

A game of Chain of Command was in full swing by Arne.

More Too Fat Lardies, as Glenn took on Pierre in a Dux campaign game, defending his village from a raid by the latter.

Two tables of 40k where in full swing, in the first Jo took on Dimitri with his Aeldari against the Genestealer Cult.

The second game of 40k however has big consequences for my geekgasm brain.  David fielded his Tau against Michel's Blood Angels.

So what happened?  I wanted to show Noshi that "anime style" army I talked about, and then noticed the new generation of suits has a more slender look then the old, boxier, bodyworks... those models just cry Gundam!  I made the mistake of googling around a bit to the Forge World site, where I saw the Supremacy suit.

I won`t exagerate to say I reached such an intense geekgasm right there on the spot Nemesis even got a bit scared of the look in my eyes... guess where that AoS army is going to be transferred into!

Speaking of Noshi, she was happily slaughtering dungeon denizens in Heroquest... or rather, ran off with the gold... as the Barbarian... so proud of my girl, seems my play style is starting to rub off on her hehehehe.

That`s it for this week, a nice variety even if there wasn`t that much people... next week it`s the annual meeting, with a special announcement from your little reporter, so check back then!

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  1. Great looking games Tom. Geekgasm what a great word!

    1. According to Nemesis (and Noshi), i looked like one of those wide eyed anime chibi girlies where tears rain from the eyes and biting knuckles to stop giggling... I deny it all though