dinsdag 20 februari 2018

The second month of the AHPC8

How does time fly, as the second month of the painting challenge has passed...

And that also means I have only a single month to go to try and get a lot of things completed.

Now, in this short clip, I'm taking a look at all the models I did finish so far in the challenge.  It's a hefty amount, and one that took me past my target of 750 and into the 1000 bracket for the end result.

I'm constantly hovering around the 15th place during the past weeks of the challenge, so I guess the "side goal" of ending in the first half of the table should be feasible if I keep up my consistent entry points level of about 100 points a week.

Now, I already realise that when I look at the calendar with remaining painting nights, work, club events and the likes, I won't be finishing a lot of entries I'd hoped, like the Blood Bowl team, the Tombstone gang, the 40k I got from Noshi for Xmas or the remainder of the 10mm ECW.

Never the less, I will be pushing the remainder I have (I guess, by the looks of it, I have about 8 painting nights total left) during this last month to finish a heap of 28mm infantry, for my ACW and Dark Ages first and foremost, as well as the final bonus entry and a troupe of 6mm Slaanesh, including it's Knights and Titans...

Let's see how this goes...

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