woensdag 21 februari 2018

Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale

Earlier this week we watched the most recent instalment in the Sword Art Online franchise, where kids get stuck in videogames on life or death...

Now, this movie comes after season 2, and I still haven`t watched an episode of it myself, but I told Noshi this might motivate me to do so.

After the horryfing events in the virtual reality worlds, Kirito, Asuna and friends now are trying out a new AR augmented game.  While it does use the bosses from SAO, this is seen as odd but probably not as dangerous.  But in the meantime, the number 2 ranked player worldwide is putting SAO survivors in the hospital, while they seem to have problems with their memories.

When this fate befalls Asuna, Kirito decides to get to the bottom of this and starts playing the game in earnest.  he discovers that the professor that created the game lost his daughter, Yuna, in SAO and is now looking for a way to recreate the perfect AI of her to bring her back...

It was a lovely movie, and I must say I liked the style of both drawing and the ratio story / character interaction / action scenes in the film, it was nicely balanced out.

Surely I had to ask Noshi for the who what where rundown to references of the earlier season, but this was not a necessity, one can watch this film as a standalone without intimate knowledge of the series.  A basis helps, but is not required.

I guess I`ll put both the seasons then on my "to watch list"...

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