vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Noshi's Pick: OtherLife

While strolling through NetFlix past wednesday, the girlfriend found this movie on it and we sat down to watch it.

At first, we thought it would be something in inception style, but this australian made sci-fi thriller is a tat different though.

Ren is the lead designer of a computer anno durg programme called OtherLife, which she created to give her brother Jared a new take on life.  The bloke has been in a coma since he had an accident scuba diving, and with this technology he could live out a life while just lying there.
However, her boyfriend dies when using the technology unsupervised, and as a result Ren must go to jail as a test subject.  The OtherLife drug will be used to compromise a year of incarceration into a minute, giving her the experiences of it happening.

Some things don`t work out though, as she is being held longer in the drug induced state as her business partner wants to sign a government contract for this durg, something she refuses as that wasn`t why she developped it.  So she now has to find a way out of the dream life...

It was a nice movie to be honest, bit under the radar (aka totally) her in western europe it seems.  It plays out well and it actually doesn`t have to many insane plotholes, which these days is a plus.  And although you can guess quite fast when she is either in or already out of her dreamworld, it still was a bit of revelation exactly how and when that transition of awareness takes place.

Watch it for sure if you have an hour and a half to spare!

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