zaterdag 24 februari 2018

Daemon World - Ben Counter

OMG, I did it.  I finished my first book in 2018... after more then 2 months.

And the "honour" falls to this Warhammer 40k novel.

Deep within the twisted hell-storms of the warp lies the daemon world of Torvendis, a planet damned by the dark powers of Chaos.
Savage battle has raged for so long that the very bedrock of the planet is formed from strata of crushed bodies.  The arrival of a mysterious stranger threatens to upset the balance of power currently held by Lady Charybdia, princess of Slaanesh, precipitating a bloody revolution.
But are the stranger's motives as straightforward as they appeaer or do the fickle powers of Chaos have one last trick to play?

Okay, the reason it took so long for this 282 page novel is because it just didn`t grab me.  I normally have a reading speed of around a minute per page, so these sorts of paperbacks take me between 6 to 10 hours of public commuting, and I take a lot of busses in the week.
It just didn`t grab my attention, and I often struggled picking it out of my messenger bag and read a few pages.  Even though it's a Slaanesh-y (sort off) book.

So nope, this wasn`t a great one to start the year with...

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