vrijdag 9 februari 2018

Thor Ragnarok

Yesterday evening and this morning, me and Noshi watched the latest Thor instalment from the Marvel stable.

Now, we both liked it for the fact it was light and humorous, the sort of superhero films we both prefer compared to the more dark and gloomy DC films.

Thor arrives back in Asgard after fighting Surtur, and discovers that his father Odin has been replaced by Loki.  He forces his brother to reveal the location where he brought him, but after only retrieves his father after involvement by Dr Strange.  Odin is dying however, and his demise brings forth his banished firstborn, Hela, Godess of Death.

She is sickened by how Odin turned into a benevolent ruler instead of a conqueror, and vows to pick up his former conquesting way of life.  Thor and loki thry to stop her, but they are tossed onto a gladiator planet ruled by the Grandmaster (a superb Jeff Goldblum), where Thor finds his old Avenger collegue Hulk.
He convices him and the Valkyrie to join him and return to Asgard, in order to defeat Hela.  With Mjolnir shattered, he has to unleash his inner powers as the God of Thunder, and is forced to fullfil the prophecy of Ragnarok...

A great amusement film, the movie screams 80s over the whole line.  The music (including the same one as used for Wonder Woman ironically) is just great and the colourfull settings make you feel, well, happy.  Definitly the most colourfull and light hearted of the Thor movies, this was a nice thingie to watch without hurting your brain.

But I just can`t get over it that not only they did, but also the way they did, kill off the Warrior Three...

Aftermath: this was nice viewing as well, the openingceremonie of the Winter Olympics.

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