maandag 26 februari 2018

Black Library sample novel

This little booklet came freely with the White Dwarf last month, and features two short stories and two extracts from excisting novels.

The booklet was included to celebrate the birthday of the Library (I`m old, I remember the first Gaunt novel as it was yesterday) a decade ago.

Featuring two short stories of about 30 pages each, it takes us into the universes of both their gaming settings.

The first, The Dance of Skulls, is set in the Age of Sigmar and features Neferatta who visits a ball.  There she is the target of manipulation and assasination to grab her position in the vampire society.

In the 40k story, an apothecary is on trial for having to choose between the gene-seed of a fallen brother and a young girls life.

Both stories read smoothly, though I must admit the Vampire one was more lavish for my tastes.  But one doesn`t look a gifted horse in the mouth after all...

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