zondag 18 februari 2018

The Haul Report 121

A very busy week this time, as a lot of things have been added to the collection...

Though not necessarily expensive ones, as I got a nice amount of freebies as well.

But first things first, and that is that I picked up my copy of the newest White Dwarf this week, which came with three freebies as well.  A mini novel, a discount card for the new Martyr video game and two character cards for the licensed Heroes of Black Reach boardgame.

In the series essentials, I picked up some more tubes of superglue...

Now, time for a sad story.  I had every Crisis figure up to my "break" in 2013, and some of the later ones.  But somewhere down the line, they seem to have been lost.  Thanks to eBay for the Dulle Griet, one of the hardest to find, I could get that one again for 6 GBP.  But one of my dear friends at the club Willie came to my rescue, providing me with a copy of every miniature bar the very first one... and that elusive fella will soon join my ranks as well thanks to another co-clubbie, Tom.

The final purchase was another essential, as I had David print some movement trays for my Union, a bargain at half a euro a pice.

So that`s a nice heap of figures for this week!  Now to get those figures painted up for the revelation page project that comes soon to this blog!

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