vrijdag 2 februari 2018

Stein's Gate: The Movie - Load Region of Deja Vu

Set after the events of the series (which I haven't watched yet) the film takes place in one of the alternate universes the anime explores.

But both me and Noshi liked this film a lot, and are curious about the series so that will be tackled in the not so far future.

In this film, Rintaro Okabe has arrived in a timeline where he doesn't lose his friends Mayuri and Kurisu, and prevent SERN from rising as the time machine no longer exists.  But when he is discussing deja vu with Kurisu, he suddenly disappears and no-one seems to remember him.

A mysterious visitor appears a day later, and explains to Kurisu how she can make a time machine that will help her influence the timeline.  In order to bring Rintaro back, she has to give him a strong memory that will make him hold on to the timeline, aka his very first kiss ever.

This was a very intresting anime movie, and as stated above we both are eager to have a look at the series somewhere down the line.  It's very well drawn and animated, and the "adorable ass" personality of Rintaro, while being actually heroic and selfless in his own way, is a very nice character arc.

My curiosity has ben tickled for sure!

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