donderdag 8 februari 2018

Generals Hancock and Zook

A bit less (well, far less) then I wanted to get finished this week, but big club battles took up a lot of time, as such I didn`t get as many painting hours in as I estimated.

But never the less, now that my target has been achieved, I can focus more on painting models for future 2018 events, then actually reducing lead mountain with dribs and drabs, so most of my remaining time will be divided by ACW as I work further on my II Corps, 1st Division at Fredericksburg.   

Not that particular battle, but in june TSA will host a big battle with the "in house made" game rules, so I`m putting the pedal to the metal on these guys to expand my force.  Apart from that, I guess another pink assault will appear here as well before the challenge ends... for the 65000 points Warhammer 40k battle in May.

But back on track, this weeks entry is the commander of my force, Gen. Hancock, and his retinue.

Apart from him, I also painted up the general for my third division, Samuel K. Zook.

The final part of the entry are the command models for my 28th Massachusetts regiment, aka one fifth of the Irish Brigade.  I hadn`t gotten round to completing that unit so now that is settled as well.

Flags are by GMB Designs for the divisional one, and Flags of War for the 28th, while all the figures are by the Perry's.

And now to paint the next regiment for my force...

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