vrijdag 23 februari 2018


A Japanese multimedia project which consisted of an anime as well as a mobile phone game, the series was said to be inline with series like Sword Art Online and other "into a fantasy world sucked shonen" series.

Numbering 24 episodes, this series was released in 2016, followed shortly after by the game itself.

Shun is a 15 year old who accidentally gets sucked into the world of Endora, which resides in the shell of our own Earth.  Both the surface dwellers as the Endorans are unaware of the other world, and he discovers he can draw a huge sword from his chest, a Warp Relic.
He meets up with Emilio, a prince, who is out to take revenge against his father's killer, and together with a band of fellow adventurers they set out towards this goal.

The series was enjoyable to watch in that it has a beautiful, easy on the eye drawing style and animation, but the story itself is rather so-so to be honest.  While it starts all fun and games, it soon tries to take a heavier tone around the halfway mark, and unfortunatly for me that didn`t feel all to well.

I`d rate it as no wasted time if you want to watch it, but not a necessary must see either...

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