dinsdag 20 februari 2018

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

After the comical the LEGO Movie and the fantastic LEGO Batman movie, it was time to sit down and watch the third theatrical release of the LEGO franchise.

Based on the popular Ninjago line of, well, Ninja's, this movie is aimed at the younger members of the community, who play the adventures of Ninjago city and the evil Lord Garmadon on their bedroom floors.

When Garmadon does once again an attack on Ninjago city, our heroes are called forth to battle him.  They stave off the enemy, but the hesitation by Lloyd, the Green Ninja (or L-loyd as Garmadon calls him) allows the evil overlord to escape.

During the next attack a few weeks later, this is about to cost them dearly, as Garmadon is now prepared and defeats the ninja in their mechs.  Lloyd however reveals his identity to Garmadon in an effort to finally have a dad in his life, and they are forced on an adventure to defeat the ultimate weapon that Lloyd summoned, Miauwthra.  This monster is beating up the city, and now both sides must bundle their powers to save their world.

What follows is an adventure where the unwilling dad / son relationship is central, and to be honest, this was by far the weakest movie of the franchise so far.  I only sniggered a few times instead of the often laughing out loud moments of the previous two films.
Another thing that was irritating is that a dozen series have been made for television about Ninjago, but yet they totally changed the personalities.  For example, instead of being a smart and logical android, Zane has been reduced to a blabbing computerbrain from the early 90s...
Another problem is that the movie really focusses on Lloyd to hard, with the others barely even being costars instead of gloryfied cameo's.

No, this movie was weak along the whole line, a pity considering both his predecessors...

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