donderdag 15 februari 2018

Starting a Paint Log

A small but essential little help for the hobby, I finally made myself what is called a "paint log".

Well, like a bit overdue... by a year or 20...

The Paint Log is just that actually, a logbook where you record your painting in, either chronologically or by the sort of figure you have been painting.  Personally, I went for the second option, as that allows me by the manner of an "index" first page, to quickly find what colours I used in regiments weeks, months or even years earlier over time.

Writing down either how I did the layers, or the colour combos for shading and highlighting and the likes, this allows me to keep a consistent colourscheme over an army.  All it requires is just writing down every step I make, and the brand of the paint I use.

And I can`t loose all the small papers of notes I used for this before anymore...

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