vrijdag 9 februari 2018


The first season of a new historical drama series on History has just ended, and it`s a bt of a mixed bag for me.

You see, I`m still not sure wether I like it, or dislike it, as the differences in strenghts are so wide.

Based on the rise and fall of the Knights Templar in France, orchestrated by Philip IV, the series follows the (fictional) Master of the Paris temple, Landry.  A confidant of the fallen Godfrey of Bouillon, he is out to retrieve the Holy Grail for his order, after it was lost in the promised land.  This brings him in contact with the mysterious Brotherhood of Light, as intrigues start building up as not only they, but also the Pope are after the Grail for his own devices.

It was, as a said, a bit of a mixed series for me personally.  On the one hand, it had some really strong story arcs and some unexpected twists.  On the other hand, it also had some very weak ones that seemed to serve to just have a likeable character die (Parcifal's line for example). 

Wait and see I guess what season 2 will bring

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