dinsdag 13 februari 2018

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek is back on television since Enterprise, and even though the opinions are divided... I liked it.

Discovery is the newest series in the franchise, and it is set against the onslaught that was the Klingon - Federation war, 10 years prior to the Kirk years.

A human woman, Michael Burnham, was raised on Vulcan by Sarek, making her the halfsister of Spock.  She has joined Starfleet, and indirectly she instigates the war.  Her ship and captain perish together with a fleet against the Klingon war machine, and she is stripped of rank and accused of mutiny.
A year later, she is picked up by captain Lorca (a fantastic Jason Isaacs) and the top secret vessel the USS Discovery (hello Section 31?).  The target of the Discovery is to develop the Spore Drive engine, which should give an advantage over the Klingons, even with their cloaking devices. 
The results of the engine tests toss the Discovery to the Mirror Universe, the arc of the second season, including some great revelations that not everyone appears who he seems to be...

As I said, I liked the series.  While it goes in the more political and double crossing typical of current day series, it retains that Star Trek cleaness and the higher morality of Starfleet, even set against a war that might wipe this very institution from the face of the galaxy.

Granted, a lot will need to change in the coming seasons to tie it in to the look and technology levels of TOS, but it feels like a nice bridge between Archer and Kirk.

Only those Klingons...

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