dinsdag 6 februari 2018

The gift of Gundam

One of the models that will feature in the big Lords of War battle we will be running at TSA on the last friday of april, this ZGMF-X56S Impulse Gundam, in his Sword mode, is ready for battle.

Now, how does this came to be?

Well, first of all, let me state I neither build nor painted this particular GunPla.  It was gifted to me years ago by Sven, after we tried some Gundam skirmish rules I was writing at the time, called Gundanium.  And with what we never did anything apart from a battle report that still can be found on this blogpage, here.

But now, in a sort of "hommage", I`m taking that one along.  You see, as I said last week, I will be fielding a Gundam force in 40k, I`m just doubting to go either for the Tau or the Knights list to represent them with, but for the battle, as I`m a chaos Emperor's Children player, he will be using the rules from the Traitoris knights. 

The Knight Castigator to be precise, who is mobile, comes with a huge melee sword in the form of the Tempest Blade, and has a heavy bolter cannon.  So with his two swords as the Tempest blade, and his rifle at his feet to represent the bolter, that is a nice match.  I did glue his feet to the base and the weapons have been arranged and glued, in order to improve gaming stability.

Because we will be commanding two Knights a player, and while sizewise a bit smaller and less wide then a reguler knight, as you can see on the comparison picture, they fill about the same cubic space side by side.

It`ll be hard for me to pick the favorite to play with in that battle ;-)

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