donderdag 22 februari 2018

de Seguiran, a lady, a silly kid... and more Dux troops

Continuing with a project I started in the past bonus round, I`ll be trying to paint up one of the Crisis limited edition entrance figures for all of the remaining weeks of this challenge.

And of course, some regular forces as well to go along with the entries, though as we enter the final month, it's going to be more of a hotch-potch of era's and themes x-D

But first things first, the notable Marquis de Bouc, de Seguiran.  An officer of the french Regiment de Maine, as a colonel-lieutenant, he fought in the Battle of Ekeren in 1703.

Being the only non-Belgian entry model we released so far, what was so special about him?  Well, the battle was fought on the fields where our TSA clubhouse stands, and poor Joseph literally drew his final breath on our doorstep...

Sculpted by Paul Hicks, he was given to the attendees of the Crisis wargame show in 2013.

The second part of this weeks entry consists of more troops for my Dux Britanniarum force.  The first lot is the remainder of figures I had from the Gripping Beast Late Roman box set, and form a unit of 12 archers, good for 3 more groups if needed in the campaign.

Secondly, a fresh unit of 8 Dark Age warriors, again by Gripping Beast plastics, join the ranks of my Dux / SAGA force, as you can never have enough Irish for a party.

On a totally different note comes this Pirate lass by Black Scorpion.  When backing their Tombstone kickstarter, one of the stretches was a model of choice from their site, and I just loved her look with the long flowing hair.  She just had to be a redhead to my mind's eye!

The last part of this weeks entry is a dumpster with a monsterlike figure in it.  I got no clue where I ever gotten this nor why, but I decided to paint it up as an objective marker for my Chaos Legion.  While technically "scenery", I just count it as a single 28mm figure, which is about right imho.
Because we all know that the used Tide Pods are even more delicious for the challenge, don`t we kids...

That`s it for this week, mix and match and hotch and potch, but in the end that should come to 23 models of 28mm infantry scale (12 + 8 + 3 singles) for another 115 points to my tally if i count correctly...

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