woensdag 31 mei 2017

What I painted in May 2017

The first full month back in the painting hobby, and it was quite a decent production, in general thanks to a couple of long weekends and a heat wave from which I hid inside.

And all that resulted in no less then 65 miniatures getting painted.

Now, for the regular tabletop figures, I aim to do a "2 tone" colour scheme, and I won`t be painting eyes anymore, they would end up crosseyed anyways then lol.

The first things I finished this month where some figures for the small Daughters of Khaine force that I`ll eventually finish, but there is no pressure on them.

The next thing that got finished was my first "true" regiment of the new life, with the AWI British Line Infantry, numbering 24 strong.

Bit of an ego bump, as they got picked up over Twitter by an actual Royal Welsh Fusiliers museum.

Suited for the same era, though technically a French-Indian war blister pack, are these armed colonists.

The main "job" though this month was painting up the 25 models of the Irish starter band for SAGA, consisting of 4 points of troops and the warlord.

Now I need to expand with another 2 points on those, and I got my first "battle worthy" force completed and I can go look for picking up a game left or right.  Nicely on schedule for july / august as I`d hoped when I restarted in the hobby.

Next month, the main target is a first regiment for my ACW corps, so time to crack out those blue paints :-) .

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ha, in your month of being back in the hobby you've painted more than I have all year!

  2. Refound love always gets you in overdrive at first ;-)